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Law, accounting and finance for entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the types of legal and financial services you need to at each stage of growth to improve the efficiency of your business, to avoid common threats and to set you up for success, now and in the future.

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At Precept, we only work with entrepreneurs and offer the unique compliment
of legal and financial services under one roof.

Build the best possible version of your business

With the right legal and financial systems in place, you can focus on what you do best, knowing that
your company is protected from many of the common threats to business success.

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Kyle and Cynthia have not only created incredible ease and flow in the legal and financial parts of my operation, but they have made me much more proactive, interested and prepared to make good decisions about my business. I trust them with my life, and am so lucky to have them on my team.
Pamela Slim
Author, speaker and business consultant